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Listen to what the callers say about the games!

  • Ray Hanania – “Protests in Switzerland Stuns Olympic Group
  • ABC News Chicago was on the scene at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland when No Games Chicago delivered boxes of our “Book of Evidence” to the IOC members on the day before the Chicago 2016 Committee made its presentation to 97 members of the IOC!

No Games goes on NBC News to refute absurd rating that ranks Chicago’s 2016 bid as #1.


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  1. No Games Chicago is sending a crapload of lies. Insurance did cover expenses toward the Olympic Village. You should stick dynamite up your butt and have it explode, that’s how pissed off I’m at with you guys. You didn’t do anything to prevent the Olympics from coming here. Your’e expressing lies to Chicagoans, the media, the IOC, and the youth. You should all be ashamed of yourseves.

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