About Chicago 2016

2016_logoHere are the documents relating to Chicago’s bid effort.

Mayor Daley’s comments as he departs for Copenhagen.

Here is the independent economic impact review that completely debunks the claims of 2016.

Here is the Olympic Ordinance passed by the Chicago City Council on September 9. This endorses Mayor Daley’s 2016 blank check.

The International Olympic Committee’s 2016 full evaluation report (2.4 MB). Evaluation Report – Chicago section only.

Draft of Alderman Manny Flores “oversight” ordinance, introduced Sept. 1, 2009. Press release.

Draft of Alderman Manny Flores bill to cap the city’s Olympic expenditure to $500 million, introduced June 2009.

Aldermanic_Briefing of June 24-25, 2009   (pdf file) This is what was given to our Aldermen durng the closed-door private sessions run by the city and the 2016 Committee in City Hall.

The Bid Book – Go to this page to down load the pdf files containing Chicago’s bid book.

The four bids compared – from USA Today

The so-called Chicago 2016 Economic Impact Analysis. Paid for by the 2016 Committee, called “laughable” by University of Chicago economics professor Allen Sanderson at a public forum organized by the Lincoln Park Advisory Council in January, 2009.

The Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that was passed by the City Council on April 22, 2009.  Report.
Click here to learn more about community benefits agreements.

Here is the report from the Egan Center at DePaul University which asked important questions about the bid.

The Olympic enabling ordinance.

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